If you were to survey two Hundred editors, you would develop two hundred unique quotations for manuscript editing. Sadly, the industry standard for editing is not entirely reliable, and there are hundreds of variables that editors take under account when creating a quote. Some editors have flat rates that they charge per word or per page, but some prefer to create customized quotes based on particular manuscripts. The bottom line is that you will need to know an affordable price for manuscript editing.  The first thing an editor will take under account when determining fees is the degree of editing needed to generate the manuscript presentable. Few editors may take a manuscript that requires developmental editing and just proofread the document; it is not in our character.

what is copyediting, you will pay less Word for a manuscript than you will for a brief one. Some editors work on sliding scales which benefit the customer for book length books and books. To discover if this is true without asking right, simply request two quotations one to get a 3,000word short story and one for an 80,000word book. From there, you can divide the purchase price by the word count and determine if length makes any difference. A technologically complex Manuscript will often cost more to edit than one with no complex jargon or explanations. Some editors will not even work on specialized projects, while others will do this for a cost. Be sure that you ask about the editor’s specialized how to copyright your book charges if your manuscript is technical in nature.

This is where your editing fees include a Catch22. You will most likely save money by hiring an inexperienced editor that has hardly any clients under their belt, but you could be sacrificing quality for cost. Paying more for a seasoned, talented editor will make certain you don’t need to repeat that procedure. It just depends upon your budget and your manuscript quality. Most editors have a rush Shipping Service, which entails an extra fee for quick editing. By way of instance, I provide 24 and 48hour rush delivery for an extra 10 percent of the editing quotation, though this will surely vary by editor. If you are working on a deadline or are just impatient, you will most likely pay more for editing services.